Lady GaGa - Marry The Night

I’m fucking vicious when I want to be.


Lol @ Herman Cain’s answer to whether being gay is a choice. “Next question, please.” More.

Steps - “Dancing Queen”

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And then they booed the soldier: I’m late on posting this, but I just wanted to get a feel for some of your reactions. How angry were YOU when the Republicans in the crowd at the Orlando GOP debate Thursday booed a gay soldier? More on Rick Santorum’s reaction here


Chaz Bono appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show today to talk about his upcoming performance on Dancing With The Stars. His mother Cher called in to blast transphobic viewers who argue that audiences should boycott the show. Awesome. 



This is proof that no matter how great the brand, too much make-up is never good.

Ever wonder what a year’s worth of makeup looks like? Well, that’s exactly what Dutch artist duo Lernert & Sander set out to do. This Natural Beauty short film (meant to act as a performance art piece) has a powerful message about the excessive nature of cosmetics and the obsession with beauty and perfection that this society maintains. The “Natural Beauty” shoot emptied Ellis Faas cosmetics of seven bottles of foundation, two bottles of blush, two bottles of eye cream and three lip pens.

This is NOT art, this is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. 

Cee Lo Green - Old Fashioned.


Leona Lewis - 'Let The Sun Shine'

Radio 1 Live Lounge - (23/05/11)


Raver Kid Reacts to Bin Laden’s Death


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